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                    Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Self-driving Motorhomes Travellings [2016] No. 148
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                    Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Self-driving Motorhomes Travellings [2016] No. 148

                    Entreprise's news
                    2016/12/15 10:24
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                    關于促進自駕車旅居車旅游發展的若干意見 旅發〔2016〕148號


                      Several opinions on promoting the development of self-driving tour bus tourism

                    Traveler [2016] No. 148
                    All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Construction Corps Tourism Development Committee (Bureau), Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology Commission (Office, Bureau), Public Security Department (Bureau), Finance Department (Bureau), Land and Resources Department (Bureau), Environmental Protection Department (Bureau), Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Office (Construction Committee), Transportation Department (Bureau), Industrial and Commercial Bureau (Market Supervision and Management Department), Sports Bureau:
                    At present, China has entered a new era of mass tourism. Self-driving travel (also known as RV, the same below) tourism is an area of ??rapid development and great consumption potential. In order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of self-driving tour bus travel in China, increase new supply, release new demand, and play an active role in leading tourism consumption and investment, the following opinions are proposed:
                    First, the guiding ideology
                    Implementing the overall deployment of the central government's steady growth, restructuring, and benefiting people's livelihood, meeting the needs of the rapid development of domestic self-driving travel and residential tourism, promoting policy innovation, strengthening planning and construction, optimizing spatial layout, improving service functions, strengthening standardized management, and promoting industry. Collaboration, cultivating new hotspots of tourism consumption, and bringing into play the driving role of self-driving and traveling by car, making it an important carrier to lead the structural reform of tourism supply side and promote China's tourism industry to move towards the middle and high end.
                    Second, the basic principles
                    (1) Adhere to policy coordination. The short-board policy is used as the basis for promoting the development of self-driving travel and tourism. Promote the development of self-driving travel and tourism in the existing legal, regulatory, and policy standards system, break through the bottleneck of development, and exert policy synergies to create favorable conditions and a good environment for the development of self-driving travel and tourism.
                    (2) Adhere to the system advancement. The system plans self-driving tour bus travel routes and camp networks to promote the rational layout of the lines and camps, scientific selection of sites, and structural optimization. Comprehensively promote the self-driving tour public service, car rental, self-driving travel and travel equipment manufacturing and other security systems and related supporting construction, and promote the coordinated development of the entire industry chain.
                    (3) Adhere to the development of integration. Promote self-driving travel and tourism with agriculture, forestry, culture, health, sports and other industries and new urbanization, beautiful rural construction and rural precision poverty alleviation development, explore new products, new formats, new models, amplify self-driving car The radiation of tourism is used.
                    (4) Adhere to ecological and environmental protection. We will focus on intensive use of land and strict protection of ecology, firmly grasp the concept of priority protection, light development and sustainable use, and adhere to the road of sustainable development of green environmental protection and low carbon energy conservation.
                    Third, development goals
                    By 2020, we will focus on building a number of self-driving tour bus travel destinations with perfect public services, launching a number of boutique self-driving tour bus travel routes, cultivating a number of self-driving tour and camp chain enterprises, and enhancing the products and use management technology of motorhomes. Safeguard capability, form a networked camp service system and a complete self-driving travel and tourism industry chain, and build 2000 self-driving tour bus camps. The relevant policy environment is obviously optimized, the industry scale is growing rapidly, and the development quality and comprehensive benefits are greatly improved. Initially, a self-driving travel and tourism industry system was built.
                    Fourth, the main task
                    (1) Strengthen planning guidance. We will formulate plans for the construction of national tourist scenic spots and tourist highway self-driving tour bus camps, and strengthen the construction of self-driving tour bus camps in key tourist areas (belts) along the border areas, ethnic minority areas and along the Silk Road and the Yangtze River Economic Belt to form a national tourism. The scenic road self-driving tour camp service system actively promotes cross-regional and cross-border self-driving tour product portfolios and line cooperation. Encourage localities to formulate plans for the development and construction of self-driving destinations, routes and camps in the region according to local conditions, and promote the construction of highways and high-level tourist trunks as links, with scenic spots, tourist roads and natural scenery as corridors. The self-driving tour bus travel network system based on the landscape ecological zone, outdoor sports zone, rural tourist zone and leisure agriculture zone. Where conditions permit, an annual camp construction plan shall be prepared. Self-driving tour bus travel routes and camp development plans should be linked to urban and rural construction planning, transportation development planning, overall land use planning, and eco-environmental planning.
                    (2) Improve the public service system. Accelerate the construction of connecting roads for major roads, key scenic spots and camps, and promote the upgrading and upgrading of expressway service areas. Improve the tourism traffic and camp logos around the self-driving road traffic network. Encourage domestic automobile manufacturers and self-driving tour operators to use Beidou satellite navigation system to develop in-depth products and equipment related to intelligent service platforms, and provide supporting services such as self-driving route navigation, traffic contact, safety rescue and vehicle maintenance. Formulate the "Guidelines for Infrastructure and Public Services for Self-driving Destinations" to guide local self-driving facilities and service systems, support the construction of key self-driving travel and tourism destinations, improve self-driving tour service centers, gas stations, maintenance stations, and parking lots. , travel toilets, viewing platforms and other service systems.
                    (3) Accelerate the construction of self-driving caravans. Actively play the leading role of social capital in the construction of self-driving tour bus camps, and encourage social capital to build a chain-operated camp system around key tourist routes. Vigorously promote the government and social capital cooperation model (PPP) to build self-driving tour bus camps. Actively guide relying on traffic distribution centers, scenic spots, various parks, various sports facilities, etc., and build self-driving tour bus camps of different types, different grades and outstanding features on the premise of meeting relevant planning. For the camps included in the construction plan, it is necessary to strengthen the infrastructure facilities, and guide the urban water, electricity, gas, sewage, garbage disposal and other infrastructure pipelines to the camp construction area according to local conditions. Appropriate subsidies can be given to the construction of camps in key poverty-relief villages and rural tourism clusters. Vigorously promote the "Code for the Construction and Service of Self-driving Motorhome Campsites" and "Regulations for Self-driving Tour Management Services", and select a number of demonstration camps with high level of construction, operation and management services. Encourage the construction of camps, develop motels, theme hotels, theme restaurants, theme bars and other special business formats for self-driving tourists. Vigorously promote the integration of health and leisure projects and camps, and encourage outdoor sports facilities and services such as hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, water, ice, snow, aviation, racing, and equestrian. The implementation of the “Village Tourism Trunking Project” will include the local sales of agricultural and sideline products and tourism products into the scope of camp services.
                    (4) Enhance self-driving travel and car rental services. Vigorously develop the self-driving car rental industry and promote the development of self-driving tour. Support leasing companies to improve the service network, and carry out off-site returning business by joining chain leasing and collaborative networks. Encourage smart travel service companies to develop car rental business. The management policy for the rental of motorhomes was introduced, and the qualification application conditions, business scope and scale of operation of the rental car rental enterprises were further relaxed, and the enterprises that obtained the licenses for car rentals were encouraged to engage in self-propelled and towing-type residential car rental business. Guide self-driving travel car rental companies to carry out online booking, payment and other services, and regulate the procedures and procedures for self-driving travel car rental. Actively develop rental of recreational sports vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, and bicycles, and provide a variety of options for self-driving activities.
                    (5) Improve the level of self-driving travel and tourism services. Strengthen the cultivation of self-driving travel and tourism talents, encourage tourism institutions to open relevant majors and courses, and cultivate professional talents such as camp design, investment construction, and operation management. Vigorously promote the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and encourage tourism vocational colleges and tourism training institutions to strengthen the training of service personnel in the field of self-driving travel and tourism. Encourage brand-based camp operators, car rental companies, self-driving clubs, etc. to carry out chain operations, custody operations and online and offline combined operations, and improve the level of network, specialization and information management services. Encourage insurance institutions to innovate self-driving insurance products. Establish and improve self-driving travel and camping industry organization, and organize the China Self-driving Travel and Family Travel Tourism Alliance. Accelerate the formulation of a series of industry standards such as "Quality Requirements for Self-driving Tour Navigator" to improve the level of self-driving travel and tourism organization and transportation management.
                    (6) Strengthen the scientific management of self-driving travel and car travel. Refer to the hotel industry security management, strictly implement the real-name registration of self-driving tour bus camp accommodation. Strengthen the safety management of self-driving tour and camp operation, strengthen the safety protection of the camp and the construction of fire-fighting facilities, and clarify the main responsibility of fire safety. Self-driving tour and camp service personnel should conduct safety risk prevention and emergency assistance skills training before they are employed. Self-driving tour organizations should provide risk warnings and conduct safety training for tourists participating in high-risk projects. Accelerate the construction of self-driving tour call centers and emergency rescue bases, and encourage qualified tourism enterprises to establish special and part-time emergency rescue teams. Based on the existing self-driving tour data collection points and collection system, the statistics, monitoring and early warning system of self-driving tour information will be improved, and the flow and flow of self-driving tourists will be reasonably guided. Strengthen the ecological environment monitoring and assessment of sensitive points or areas along the ecological protection of self-driving tour, timely grasp the ecological environment impact of self-driving tour and travel, and avoid the adverse impact of self-driving tour on ecologically sensitive points or areas.
                    (7) Vigorously develop the manufacturing industry of self-driving motorhomes and camp facilities. Incorporate the residential car into the development plan of the automobile industry and establish a technical standard system for the construction of motorhomes and related parts. Under the premise of complying with laws, regulations and technical standards, we encourage the production, decoration and exhibition of motorhomes, smooth the supply and maintenance channels of spare parts for passenger cars, and expand the industrial chain of motorhomes. Encourage domestic enterprises to carry out independent research and development such as self-driving travel vehicle equipment, camp facilities, outdoor sports equipment, and enjoy the state's policy of encouraging technological innovation. Support domestic qualified enterprises to acquire foreign advanced self-driving travel and tourism equipment manufacturing enterprises or carry out joint venture cooperation.
                    (8) Promote a new way of living by car. Organize self-driving travel and car travel expo, and vigorously promote various outdoor products and camping lifestyles with independent brands such as leisure, mountaineering, skiing, diving, camping, adventure, etc., and cultivate new consumption. Spread and promote the self-driving travel and tourism culture, carry out promotion activities such as self-driving tour routes, and play the role of the boutique brand. Support self-driving and travel agency associations, camping associations, self-driving clubs and other intermediary organizations and enterprises to carry out self-driving activities. Encourage local festivals such as self-driving tour exhibitions, competitions, festivals, etc., and guide qualified places to use the camp network to carry out car assembly events and promote boutique self-driving routes. Actively cultivate young camping culture and vigorously advocate civilized tourism.
                    Fifth, strengthen the protection
                    (1) Strengthen the traffic management of motorhomes according to law. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the "Notice on Regulating the Management of Travel and Haulage", and urge drivers of motorhomes to strictly abide by road traffic safety laws and regulations. For domestic travel trailers listed in the Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Products Announcement and imported tourist trailers that meet the relevant national standards, motor vehicle registration shall be handled according to law. The installation of a small passenger car that complies with the national standard traction device can be carried on the road with a central axis trailer that does not exceed 2.5 tons. Study and improve the management system for driver's licenses.
                    (2) Optimize the land use policy of the camp. The construction of self-driving tour bus camp project should conform to urban and rural planning, overall land use planning, self-driving tour bus camp construction planning, self-driving tour bus camp construction and service specifications, use land according to law, and do not occupy basic farmland, do not occupy or try to Less arable land. The self-driving tour bus camp outside the town planning area determined by the overall land use planning plan, the public parking lot, the connecting road between the functional areas, the commercial service area, the vehicle equipment maintenance and medical service support area, and the waste storage Functional areas such as treatment areas can be combined with rural public welfare undertakings, and collective construction land should be used according to law. The functional areas such as self-driving camp area, residential car camp area, business club, wooden house accommodation area, leisure and entertainment area should be prioritized to use the stock construction land. If new supply is required, the use shall be managed according to the hotel land. It is advisable to implement long-term lease or lease after the bidding method; if other functional areas use unused land, the original can be used without changing the land use or curing the ground. Land management. The self-driving tour bus camp in the urban planning area determined by the overall land use planning shall be selected for the transfer, collection and supply procedures. The land used for the self-driving tour bus camp project shall not change the land use determined by the plan, and may not be divided and transferred.
                    (3) Improve the management system. In principle, the self-driving tour club is included in the travel agency sequence management, the self-driving tour navigator is included in the tour guide sequence management, and various camps for tourism management are included in the scenic spot registration management. All localities should formulate specific policies and measures for health, environmental protection and accommodation registration that are specific to the operation of the camp, and further simplify the pre-approval procedures for the camp. The trailer-type travel trailer is charged on the road according to the high standard of the towing vehicle.
                    (4) Strengthen financial and taxation financial support. The central government has increased its support for camp projects that are included in national planning and annual construction plans and camp construction projects in poverty-stricken areas in the central and western regions. All localities should increase their support for infrastructure construction such as self-driving roads, parking lots, toilets, telecommunications, and sanitation treatment. The price of water and electricity for self-driving travel and tourism camps is the same as that of industrial enterprises. Encourage tourism industry investment funds to provide financial support to leading enterprises and key construction projects in camps. For self-driving tour operators with good credit status, resources or brand advantages, financial enterprises are encouraged to increase financial support.
                    All localities such as tourism, development and reform, industrial credit, public security, finance, land, environmental protection, housing construction, transportation, industry and commerce, sports and other departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, comprehensively implement relevant policies and measures, and create a favorable environment for the development of self-driving travel and tourism.
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